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- Pu Sandwich Panel & Exterior wall thermal insulation decorative integrated panel -
Standard brick-Pu Sandwich Panel
Standard brick-Pu Sandwi···

Standard brick pattern series metal carved board,···

Bark wood pattern-Pu Sandwich Panel
Bark wood pattern-Pu San···

Wood grain exterior wall thermal insulation decor···

Mosaic-Pu Sandwich Panel
Mosaic-Pu Sandwich Panel

Mosaic series exterior wall thermal insulation de···

Marble-Pu Sandwich Panel
Marble-Pu Sandwich Panel

Marble external wall thermal insulation and decora···

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Jinan Jiancheng New thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangqiu District of Jinan City, which is close to Mount Tai in the south and the Yellow River in the north. It is known as the "small spring City". At the same time, it is also the hometown of Li Qingzhao, the "first generation Ci Zong". The site is 50 kilometers away from Jinan city. Jiqing, Jingshi East Road and Jiaoji Railway run from east to west, and Xiujiang Road, Xiuyuan Road and other backbone roads run from north to south. It is 15 kilometers away from Jiqing Expressway and about half an hour's drive from Jinan Yuanwall International Airport.The factory covers a total area of 5200 square meters, the company area of 2800 square meters, the registered capital of 15 million yuan, annual capacity of hundreds of thousands, the existing variou
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